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breast cancer awareness keychain

breast cancer awareness keychain

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Hardware color
  • 2x2 inch acrylic keychain, 2 layers
  • gold or silver hardware 

Portions of the proceeds will go to benefit and honor Nicole Zabel // her journey below ⤵️


In October of 2021 my life, and my family’s life, changed forever. What started off as “a lump that’s probably a cyst” in my left breast turned into Triple Negative Invasive Ductal Carcinoma.

It's fair to say that my diagnosis came as a complete and total shock to me, my husband, and our families/friends.  At 31 years old, this was not a road I expected to walk.  But, there we were.

After 16 rounds of chemotherapy over 24 weeks, followed by a Bilateral Double Mastectomy, we all thought that the “hard part” was over. We were wrong.

Just 7 short weeks after my surgery, we received the news that not only was my cancer still active, but it had also metastasized to my lungs, chest wall, and a lymph node in my neck (Metastatic Triple Negative Breast Cancer). What was supposed to be the start of radiation quickly changed to a new chemotherapy regime.

Unfortunately we are still in the process of “trial and error” as we search for a chemotherapy that will effectively treat my MTNBC for an extended period of time.

As a wife to my wonderful husband, Zach (married in 2014), and mother to two sweet boys, Zach (6) and Zane (3), I have chosen to not let cancer define me. On days that I feel well, I enjoy being out and about with my boys or going on a date with my husband.

Cancer is a part of my story, but it’s not my whole story. I believe that God had a plan and have faith that my miracle is coming.

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